Harris Tweed

3 reasons why you should buy Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is a famous tweed cloth that is made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun, handwoven, and finished in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The Harris Tweed Authority is the legally appointed governing body responsible for upholding the integrity of Harris Tweed.

From the early 20th century’s high living gentry to today’s catwalks and couturiers, Harris Tweed has long been the choice of the discerning.Here are 3 reasons why you too should consider having  Harris Tweed products.

  1. Traditional & Authentic

For well over a century, Harris Tweed has been woven with skill and care by crofters in their own homes, just as it is today. When you see the Orb mark( Britain’s oldest surviving Certification Mark), you are guaranteed the cloth is authentically produced as outlined by The Harris Tweed Act (1993). By law, all Harris Tweed must be produced in the Outer Hebrides and nowhere else. Every inch of wool is dyed and spun in an island mill. Every yard is handwoven at the home of a Harris Tweed weaver. These skills are passed down with pride from generation to generation of the island’s community.

The mark of the Orb, found on the label affixed to finished items, guarantees the highest quality tweed

2. Sustainable & Natural

Harris Tweed supports a unique tradition of skilled hand-weaving and provides year-round secure employment. The annual output of 1-1.5m meters supports the employment of 220 weavers and 160 jobs in the wider industry. They rely on low-impact handwoven production methods and a legal requirement to rely on natural raw materials.

Harris Tweed is dyed, blended, carded, spun, warped, woven, finished, examined and stamped only in the Scottish Outer Hebrides by local crofters and artisans.

You may pay a little more for your Harris Tweed, but it pays you back by standing the test of time. The cloth never goes out of style and simply gets better with age.

3. Practicality and Uniqueness

Made of 100% pure new wool, Harris Tweed is warm in winter and cool in summer. It resists water, wear and tear with ease, cleans easily and can be repaired with the simplest of tools.

Harris Tweed is  dyed in the wool, with separate pigments of wool carefully blended to special ‘recipes’ before being spun. Just one single yarn can contain several different colours in order to obtain the perfect tone or hue, each reflecting some aspect of our natural surroundings. Heathers, mosses, lochs, mountains and sky: all entwined to make beautiful Harris Tweed.

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